50% OFF TODAY! Wireless Bike Computer, 32 Functions
50% OFF TODAY! Wireless Bike Computer, 32 Functions
50% OFF TODAY! Wireless Bike Computer, 32 Functions
50% OFF TODAY! Wireless Bike Computer, 32 Functions
50% OFF TODAY! Wireless Bike Computer, 32 Functions
50% OFF TODAY! Wireless Bike Computer, 32 Functions

50% OFF TODAY! Wireless Bike Computer, 32 Functions

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To do pro cycling, our advanced cycling computer has 32 functions to go, especially the accurate cadence function as it is Important to find and adjust a cadence at which cyclists feel most comfortable or gain a specific goal on bike training.

Smart motion chip, stable performance

Smart Motion Chip, Stable Performance

High quality motion chip with anti-interfere, working in stable for all hours.

Accurate Speed and Distance Tracking

Tracks your speed and distance accurately based on its stable performance

Quick Response Touch button

All you need is to gently press the buttons, very quick to display different modes

Record all for your cycling

Larger Speed & 4-line Clear Display

With the 1.8 inch HD screen, the display of numbers is more clear. The Speed number is designed larger to see it quick and clear. The 4-line display more data in just one screen

Multifunction with switching modes

Not only tracking the speed and distance, have more functions, cadence, calorie counter, stop watch, temperature and more.

powerful memory function, two bicycle recording

Power memory function

cycling data auto memory, store your cycling data for long even after replacing new batteries.

Two bicycle Recording

Accumulates your distance, calorie, riding time etc when using 2 vehicles by one computer

Easy installation, universal fit

Universal Fit

Our cycling computer is applicable for common bicycles, mountain bikes, road bikes with the chain stay and spoke wheels.

Easy Installation

With updated instructions and installation video reference, it is so easy to install and set it successfully.

IPX6 waterproof, adjustable backlight

Full Screen Back Light Adjustable

With full screen green back light, Number are more clear and it is easier to know of your speed when night riding. You can set the back light always-on for 24 hours.

IPX6 Waterproof and Temperature

High-sealed solid case, never afraid of raining days, and let you know of the temperature around.


Adjust your best cadence


Indoor Fitness Trainning Goal

Based on rear wheel, it is a good companion with MTB, Road bike on bike stand for fitness training. Adjust your cadence to gain your fitness goal for a period.

Outdoor Long-distance Cycling Trip

Adjust your cadence at a comfortable RMP for long-distance cycling, saves your energy at the best efficiency.



Speed (SPD, MAX, AVS) / Cadence (CAD - current, MAX, AVS) / Speed Bar (curved bar showing trend of current speed-SPD)

Single Lane Mileage (DST) / Total Traffic Mileage (ODO) / Riding time (T M) / Clock(12H/24H) / Day-Month-Year

Maintenance Alert / Stop Watch (SW) / Temperature (TEM) / Calorie and Fat (CAL, FAT)

Memory Function (keep your cycling data for years even after replacing battery) /

Auto Sleep (showing clock and date after no operation to save battery)

Touch Mode (gently press the buttons to set or check numbers)

Bicycle A/B Using (can record cycling data for 2 bicycles or bikes)

Low Battery Indication (the battery sign appears when the voltage decreases to 2.5V)

Adjustable Back-light (can be set to light always-on for 24 hours OR temporarily-on for 6 seconds in night time by each pressing. Full screen back light with brighter light at cycling view angle and dimmer light looking straight angle to decrease sun blind)

Package Includes

1 * Advanced Cycling Computer / 1 * the SPD-CAD Sensor / 1 * the Mount / 1 * the Speed Magnet / 1 * the Cadence Magnet / 3 * the Foam Tapes / 14 * the Nylon Ties / 1 * User Manual